"It’s time to man up HmongChi"

"I’ll definitely miss you when you go back. If life always brings you away from me, then I will endure. For if one day you give up on me, I will surely have not given up on you. I pray that you do well on your educational journey, pray that I do well on mine as well. For the life we choose to live will not be easy to achieve, it will take many sacrifices. There may come times when you will feel angry at the world for being so harsh on you, but please continue fighting, keep your faith strong. Suffer now and endure the rest of your life, A champion."

To you, My love

"it’s not that I am a bad leader, It’s that you never give me the opportunity to be one."


you know its a horrid feeling when you have that sensation that someone or lots of ones are judging you. Like when you walk down a crowded hallway, busway or train car and everyone stares .. you think you are less than them, or that they are looking down on you.

Remember its none of YOUR business what other people think about you. zero! Your business is to walk down that hall. Don’t forget this! especially during the next time you feel insecure or weird about shit because of people in the room. Its none of YOUR business what they think .. and you will feel better about things. What matters is what YOU think.